RMGO is Going to Be Okay... But Please Read This.

I need to make it perfectly clear when I say RMGO isn’t going anywhere.

The past month has been one of the toughest times in American history.

A rabid virus has completely flipped our way of life upside down… graduations have been canceled, sports have been postponed, and the governor has even shut down the economy to fight back against this ugly pandemic.

However, RMGO has still been here to fight for you.

During this time, we have gone to war with CBI regarding the extended Brady Registration check wait times, monitored and acted when the legislature was negotiating the party assemblies and conventions (which could have left you without a voice), provided constant video updates, and have even gone to court over the “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Law.

None of our recent accomplishments could have been done without the unrelenting support of members like you.

But, this isn’t another fundraising message… actually, we are going to ask you to NOT contribute right now.

RMGO is going to be okay, and we want to make sure the wellbeing of our loyal members comes first.

We realize that times are very tough for most of our members.

Instead of asking for money, I am going to request you to do a few other things for me during this financial hiatus.

First, do you follow us on all of our social media platforms? If not, click the images below to follow for the most up-to-date information… and great memes!




Second, the pro-gun liberty movement doesn’t stop because of a virus… it’s just not the American way.

I want you to bring someone you think is pro-gun into the fold.

So, what does that mean?

This could be sharing an email correspondence, attending a Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership class, hosting a watch party on Facebook to your group of friends, or even as simple as sending out an email about RMGO. It’s entirely up to you!

While this hiatus won’t last forever, and we will eventually need help to fund critical programs and legal battles… please join me in contributing in other ways.

For Freedom,



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