The Great Gun Grab of 2023

Kevin Lorusso

The 2023 Colorado Legislative Session has begun, and the Democrats are preparing to take full advantage of their strongest majority ever. They want to expand social programs, further dump money into failing public schools, and blow energy prices through the roof with green energy initiatives. However, it is their war on the Second Amendment that dwarfs any of their other agenda items. The newly minted Gun Violence Prevention Caucus has announced their intention to expand Red Flag laws, raise the age of possession to 21, and reduce private property rights. Still, what they haven’t officially announced is the most worrying of all: the “Mass Shooting Prevention Act of 2023.”  More accurately, it is a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and is the cherry on top of the most radical anti-gun agenda that Colorado has ever faced. The Great Gun Grab of 2023 has officially begun.

Bans on so-called “assault weapons” have become commonplace in leftist states, with California, New York, and New Jersey setting the standard for disarming a populace. Colorado’s cowboy heritage has allowed it to fend off the predations of the progressive anti-gunners infiltrating the state. Until now, that is. For many of you, this proposed legislation comes as a surprise. It is hard to believe that Colorado has fallen so far in just a decade, but here we are. Now, it is our responsibility to spread the word and be able to explain to everyone exactly why this California-style “assault weapons” ban is so important to oppose. Hopefully, by the end of this breakdown, you are able to agree that if we do not stop this ban (in addition to the other laws the Democrats are planning on passing), it could very well mean the end of the Second Amendment in Colorado. Embedded within is a series of links to the petition to stop this ban from going forward, which we ask that you take the time to sign.

Warning: this ban is worse than Commiefornia’s.

Let’s start with the title:

This bill is about preventing “Mass Shootings,” not banning “assault weapons.” It just so happens that banning these weapons is how they plan on preventing the mass shootings.

Why is this important? Because as soon as a shooting occurs using a weapon not covered in this bill, they will add it!

Simply put, the Colorado Legislature has determined that our Second Amendment rights are a threat to them. Therefore, we must sacrifice our rights for their safety.

Their definition of “Assault Weapon” closes many of the loopholes found in California’s law, including rendering “bullet buttons” incapable of getting around the rule. It also details the plan for banning ALL semiautomatic rifles.

Having a single one of these makes your weapon an “assault weapon.” Notice that BEING ABLE TO HOLD THE BARREL WITHOUT GETTING BURNED is one of the standards.

If your rifle has a pistol grip, it’s banned. If it has anything you can possibly grab and hold with your non-trigger hand such as a rail system or handguard, it is banned. We can’t stress enough, nearly every single semiautomatic rifle will be banned by this bill.


Next, we move on to pistols:

It seems they are trying to go after AR pistols, yet the features they ban include many standard handguns:

Basically, all AR pistols are banned, plus any standard handgun with a threaded barrel or flash suppressor—heck, this even includes a few of my Glocks that have a flash hider built into the barrel.

But, if it couldn’t get any crazier, they want to ban shotguns as well:

If you have a shotgun with a pistol grip, foregrip, and a folding stock, you have now become a criminal for possessing a so-called “assault weapon.”

In case you’re wondering, .50 Cal rifles are banned as well:

If you think this is bad… don’t worry… it gets worse.

Having the parts separated and not attached to any weapon is also illegal:

Modifying your weapon is now illegal as well.

If you are in possession of parts, even if they are in a box under the bed, that qualifies as being in illegal possession of an “assault weapon.”

Hell, it seems their definitions include binary trigger mechanisms:

Don’t worry though, there is a Grandfather Clause!

This is absolutely insane.

You are allowed to own an “illegal weapon” if it was purchased prior to the implementation of the ban. However, you must have proof of ownership on you AT ALL TIMES.

If a cop stops you and you don’t have documentation, you must surrender your firearm. You then have 3 days to prove ownership before criminal proceedings are initiated and the gun will be destroyed.

Now, for many firearms, proof of ownership will be easy to prove, since you can just contact the FFL that sold it. However, some of us received our guns from relatives or other private-party transfers that could leave them without any form of documentation. If you inherited a firearm from your father 30 years ago and do not have any documentation, your firearm is now considered an illegal weapon.

This “Stasi Clause” is nothing more than a back-door route to registration. We suspect they will suggest a way of making things easier by having you “register your firearm with your local law enforcement” so you can just use your ID to prove ownership.


It is an outright ban on ALL semiautomatic rifles for civilians. The only exceptions are peace officers (cops), military personnel (if it falls in the duties of their job), and government agents.

Oh, and armored truck drivers.

The only civilians allowed to carry “assault weapons” are people protecting the one thing our Superiors care about: MONEY. If your family is in the back of your van, absolutely not. They are clearly not as valuable as the money in an armored vehicle.

If you are an FFL who was unable to clear your inventory prior to July 1, 2023, congratulations! You are now only allowed to sell to entities out of state and the sale must occur out of state.

And yes, you are responsible for all associated costs.

We haven’t even gotten to the penalties yet.

If you offend between July 1, 2023 and December 31 2024, you’re looking at a $1,000 fine.

Anything occurring after that is a $5,000 fine per offense. If your weapon is disassembled or the parts are separate from the frame, expect a $5,000 fine per part.

For FFLs, they are looking to put you out of business.

That’s right, your first violation is a $250,000 fine. All additional violations are $500,000.

They are not-so-subtly declaring their complete and utter hatred for people like us. People that understand the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American values that make this country so special. People that recognize tyranny for what it is and say, “NO!”

Thankfully, we believe that this weapons ban will crumble when it is presented to the Courts. Thanks to the Bruen decision last June, we expect this bill to join the other weapon bans in getting struck down. There is absolutely no way a ban on the most commonly owned firearms will pass Constitutional muster, but it will take time to get it before the honest Judge that will rule correctly.

It is incredibly important that we all do our part. At RMGO, we will do everything we can to organize resistance, allocate resources, and prepare the lawsuit. However, we are absolutely relying on grassroots supporters to take up the fight in their local community. You can play a monumental role by signing the petition embedded throughout the article, helping us fundraise for the Legal Fund, gathering petition signatures in your neighborhood, and informing your friends and family about the cause.


The easiest way to get involved is to share on whatever social media accounts you have. If we can gather enough resistance now, we can shut down their plans before they can even get in motion. The so-called “assault weapons” ban is the most egregious part of the Democrats’ anti-gun agenda, but is certainly not the only part.

The Great Gun Grab of 2023 is upon us.

Let’s give them hell.

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