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Rocky Mountain Gun Owners -- bullies and proud of it

August 12, 2020

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"The lawlessness that is so rampant of late answers the oft-repeated question of those who support gun control: “Who needs an AR-15, or a 30-round magazine?”

The growing answer to that supposedly rhetorical question is “Me!” and it’s coming from all ethnicities, both genders, and every economic and political sector."[Read More]


Press Release


Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Appoints Taylor Rhodes as New Executive Director

July 07, 2020

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO), Colorado’s only no-compromise gun-rights organization, announced today that Taylor Rhodes has been tapped as the group’s new Executive Director.[Read More]




Reminder: Kamala Harris Said She Would ‘Take Executive Action’ on Gun Control, Ban AR-15s

August 13, 2020

People have recently been reminded that Joe Biden is running for president, as news circulates of his pick for vice president. Biden has chosen as his running mate Kamala Harris, a strident anti-gun advocate.[Read More]




GUNPOWDER MAGAZINE: 2A Censorship: Kroger Pulls RECOIL Magazine from Shelves because It Features Guns

June 19, 2020

The Kroger grocery store chain, which includes the Fred Meyer and Fry's chains, has banished RECOIL Magazine from its shelves because it features guns on its covers.[Read More]


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