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From The Desk of Dudley Brown


Mid-Term Election Recap

January 09, 2019

We have a fight on our hands.

The anti-gun Democrats that campaigned in 2018 on gun control, assumed office and want to make their radical views law. With the legislature in full swing, several ANTI-GUN bills could be introduced as early as NEXT WEEK.

The worst part, Governor Jared Polis is leading the charge to take away our rights. He left no doubt by co-sponsoring a Clinton-Feinstein gun ban threatening to revive and expand the so-called “assault weapons ban” in his final days in Congress and I am afraid he is ready to do the same thing right here in Colorado. [Read More]


Press Release


KC Becker Disappoints Gun Owners With Embrace of California Gun Control

January 11, 2019

Embrace of California-style gun control, a slap to Colorado gun owners.

Denver, CO – Incoming Democratic House Speaker KC Becker’s comments regarding firearms last week drew a heated response from Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

“I echo the frustration and disappointment of gun owners across Colorado, now that House Speaker KC Becker is chomping at the bit to implement “red flag” Gun Confiscation. While I held out hope that the Republicans would hold the State Senate, it sadly appears that we’ll have to put up a serious challenge to these leftist NPC’s, attempting to turn Colorado into Commiefornia.[Read More]




Colorado House Republicans Rebut Democrats' Push for Gun Confiscation

January 14, 2019

During the opening session of Colorado’s 72nd General Assembly, House Minority Leader Patrick Neville (R-Douglas) issued a concise, fact-based rebuttal to the Democrats’ plan to pass gun control legislation while they hold the majority in all three branches of state government.

Before Leader Neville spoke before the House, newly elected Speaker KC Becker told the legislative body that gun violence is an “epidemic we must address,” likening the issue to that of opioid addiction.

“Coloradoans are marching in the streets and taking to the halls of the capitol, and they are demanding action on gun sense legislation. That’s why we must work together to pass the lifesaving Extreme Risk Protection Order bill,” Becker said to the raucous applause of Democrats in attendance.[Read More]