Dear Patriot,

Thank you for contributing to support our program to STOP the 2023 “Assault Weapons” Ban

These funds are heading straight to the frontlines to help us kill this authoritarian policy.

  1. Email your Colorado State Lawmakers: We to make it known to all of our elected officials that Coloradans DO NOT want a statewide “Assault Weapons” ban. So, please, CLICK HERE to email your lawmakers now!
  2. FORWARD and SHARE the petition to your friends and family: I cannot stress enough that we need all pro-gun Coloradans to mobilize to fight back against the 2023 “Assault Weapons” ban. Please send this link to all of your pro-gun friends and family, OR share it on all of your favorite social media pages.

Thank you for your pro-gun activism as we fight to preserve and restore the Second Amendment in Colorado.


For Freedom,
Taylor D. Rhodes
Taylor D. Rhodes
Executive Director

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