RMGO relies on its members and grassroots activists like you to spread the no-compromise pro-gun message here in Colorado. To make sure you have the resources you need, RMGO provides these great items FREE of charge to members, and free in limited quantities to non-members who are Colorado residents.

We are glad to provide materials to individuals who reside outside of Colorado for a minimum $1.00 donation. To donate now, click here.

Please select from the following materials:

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RMGO Rifle Decal
New Pistol Sticker
Rifle Decal
3 3/4 X 7 1/2 inches
(Only 1 sent to non-members)
1911 Pistol Logo
3.5 x 4 inches
(Only 1 sent to non-members)
RMGO Brochure
RMGO Merchant Card
"No Guns = No $" Cards
To give to firearms
banning businesses

(Only 1 sent to non-members)
RMGO Brochures
To give to friends and family

If you would like larger quantities of any of the above items, please contact RMGO directly by clicking here.

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