July 20, 2011

Yesterday, I alerted you that some county sheriffs, deputies, police officers and administrators throughout Colorado may not be aware of a change in Colorado law that took effect July 1.

As you know by now, on July 1, sheriffs are no longer allowed to load concealed weapon permit holder information into the state's criminal database, the CCIC. The database was also required by law to be wiped clean of concealed weapon permit holder data.

Demand that law enforcement be alerted to the change in the law and make clear that gun owners will not tolerate any violation.

My staff has compiled two lists. The first lists the counties that have previously participated in entering information into the CCIC. If you live in one of those counties, please call.

The second lists counties that have not previously or recently refused to enter CCW information into the CCIC. I have listed email addresses. Please thank those counties for not participating in the CCIC by sending an email.

The numbers I have listed below are "Non-Emergency" telephone numbers.

Please find your county listed below and make the call or email today.

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