House Judiciary Committee passes Constitutional Carry 8 to 3. But we still need your help.

Nice work.  Constitutional Carry -- HB1205 -- passed out of its committee yesterday and moved to the House Floor thanks to your calls and e-mails.

State Rep. Chris Holbert (R-Parker) -- who is a long-time RMGO member and activist -- did a fantastic job of presenting the bill and framing the debate when presenting it to the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Holbert told the committee that open carry in public areas is legal in most parts of Colorado and requires no permit, no fees, no training and no lists, but the second you cover the handgun with a coat or sweater you are required to obtain a permit.

In essence, he said, it's a Coat Tax.  Put your coat on, and you have to pay the tax.  His bill would make that a voluntary tax, since there would be no need to pay the tax (acquire a permit) if HB1205 becomes law.

RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown then testified to the growing movement of states allowing permitless carry, and the many more which are considering passing just such a law.  In Vermont, Alaska and now Arizona, there has been no increase in crime.

Both of those messages resonated with members of the committee, and the bill passed with the votes of every Republican and even two Democrats.

This is just one more great example of how effective your voice really is.

Now the work gets tougher.  The bill is headed for the House floor, where we really have to turn up the heat.  If you and I want Constitutional Carry in Colorado, we must make politicians feel the heat with our phone calls and e-mails.

The House Co-sponsors on HB1205 are:

Acree, Balmer, Barker, Baumgardner, Becker, Bradford, Brown, Conti, DelGrosso, Holbert, Joshi, Kerr J., Looper, Massey, McKinley, McNulty, Murray, Nikkel, Priola, Scott, Sonnenberg, Stephens, Summers, Swerdfeger, Vaad, Waller.

In addition, Reps. Bob Gardner, Daniel Kagan and Pete Lee have now voted for this bill in Committee.

If you don't see your State Representative on either of these lists, they have not yet co-sponsored this bill or voted in favor of it yet.  It is imperative that you take just a few minutes to do this simple two-step process before the House floor vote.

If they are on this list, take a moment to contact them and tell them to keep up the good work and continue to support this important bill.

1) Click on this link to find your State Representative if you don't already know.

2) Call your Representative.  The phone number for all State Representatives is 303-866-2904 or toll free at 1-800-811-7647.

  • Tell them you stand with Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.
  • Tell them it is vital they support Constitutional Carry in Colorado without further amendments.
  • And tell them you are watching their vote carefully and counting on their support.

Again, you can reach all State Representatives by calling 303-866-2904 or toll free at 1-800-811-7647 and they'll connect you to your State Representative.

Constitutional Carry in Colorado depends on your involvement.

Please join us in the push to get this bill past the House.

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