HB1180 passes both Houses, heading to Governor's Desk

Sen. Greg Brophy (R-Wray)
is the sponsor of HB1180,
the Brady Bypass bill.
5/08/2009 - The Brady Bypass bill, HB1180 by Rep. Steve King and Senator Greg Brophy, has passed the House and Senate, and is heading for Governor Ritter's desk.

The bill survived a battle in the Senate, where anti-gun lobbyists and legislators tried to amend the bill to require a statewide database of permit holders.

Due to the heroic defense of the bill by Sen. Greg Brophy -- who called the legislation a mere pre-approval, since concealed carry permit holders have already undergone an extensive background check -- the bill stayed true to the intent of the original bill.

Senate Democrats did manage to change the bill with two amendments:
  1. Standardizing the look of an actual permit.  Though this is not something we wanted, it's not a deal killer.

  2. Requiring a second form of ID to utilize the Brady Bypass feature. Again, no reason to kill the bill.
The process for buying a firearm would not change for a non-permit holder: to buy a new firearm through a dealer (or even a privately sold firearm at a gun show) the purchaser would still be required to undergo an illegal Brady Registration Check (don't think that's unconstitutional?  Read Article II Section 13 of the Colorado Constitution, which says the "...right of no person to keep and bear arms....shall be called into question...").

For a valid Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Holder who is buying a firearm, the process is quite a bit streamlined, though permit holders will be required to have a permit issued after January 2010 (with the new "standardized" look).  They will simply present their CCW permit (again, only Colorado permits allow you to bypass) to a dealer, and they'll skip the wait of a Brady Check (though there are still requirements to fill out the BATFE's 4473 form).

What you can do:

Call Governor Ritter's office at (303) 866-2471 and urge him to sign HB1180.  If you prefer e-mail, click here to demand Bill Ritter sign HB-1180, the Brady Bypass Bill.

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Our office has literally tens of thousands of phone numbers for Colorado gun owners and freedom activists.

We'd like to contact them all -- and give them the opportunity to be connected (on our dime) to Governor Ritter's office to urge him to allow HB1180 to become law.

But we simply can't afford it -- unless you help, today!

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