Gun owners can get a "Win" in the Colorado Legislature... if you act NOW!

4/1/2009 - This Friday the Colorado State Senate may hear House Bill 1180, which is the Brady Bypass bill.

This legislation would allow a concealed handgun permit holder to show an FFL (a gun dealer) -- or private seller at a gun show -- his or her permit and could then SKIP the Brady Registration check (sales through a dealer would still require the BATFE's 4473 form).

Yesterday on KCOL radio, sponsor Senator Greg Brophy (Rep. Steve King is the House sponsor) called this bill a simple "pre-approval" measure to buy a gun.

Though this bill was gutted in the House Judiciary weeks ago, Brophy managed to have the bill reinstated to it's original form, and the bill could pass the State Senate... but only if you act ASAP!

There is one danger: some law enforcement are claiming they need a statewide database of permit holders to administer this and to be able to verify that permits are real (that's ludicrous, since no one can even produce a case of a fake permit in Colorado).

It's vital we keep any amendments off of this bill.

We need a handful of Democrats to support this pro-gun legislation, so they need to hear from you.

Call these Senators and courteously ask them to support this common-sense legislation, House Bill 1180, without amendments:

Senator Morgan Carroll - 303-866-4879
Senator John Morse - 303-866-6364
Senator Chris Romer - 303-866-4852
Senator Gail Schwartz - 303-866-4871

Of course, it's worth your time to call your own State Senator, regardless of party, to urge his/her favorable vote.

You must act as soon as possible, though.  Leaving a message with their office is fine, but make that call today!


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