Pro-Gun Candidates Sweep Colorado GOP Primaries

RMGO's PAC goes 100%

August 9, 2006 - While the papers aren't fully reporting what happened, last Tuesday's Republican primaries were a major victory for pro-gun forces.  Not only did gun owners virtually sweep the state, but we can now look forward to a new, young crop of legislators who are willing to go the extra mile to defend your rights.

The most notable case is in Senate District 13, which covers most of Weld County.  In that race, State Rep. Dale Hall seemed the likely winner.   In fact, he was endorsed by the NRA, and had a number of local elected officials endorsing him.  One problem: Dale Hall had voted against your gun rights on a number of occasions, and in 2006, Hall sponsored a bill to give the ATF more power in Colorado (see cartoon thumbnail below).  Apparently, the NRA hadn't done their homework (or didn't care that Renfroe was stronger on the gun issue, as they were only interested in siding with the perceived likely winner).

RMGO's PAC, which can get involved directly in campaigns, sided with newcomer Scott Renfroe (an RMGO member) and mailed gun owners in the district on several occasions.  The result: pro-gunner Scott Renfroe beat Dale Hall by almost 20%.

This wasn't the only victory in the Primaries.  State Senator Doug Lamborn taking the 5th Congressional District was a major advance, and should give Gun Owners of America a strong hand in Congress.  Below are a list of races where RMGO PAC was involved directly.

In all, a great night.  Congratulations, all of you who helped -- especially those who donated to the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Political Action Committee.

5th Congressional District - Doug Lamborn

State Senate:

District 7 - Matt Smith Lost

District 13 - Scott Renfroe handily defeated State Rep. Dale Hall

District 22 - Mike Kopp beat Kiki Traylor and Justin Everett

District 30 - Gun rights hero Ted Harvey beat Mark Baisley

State House:

District 14 - Kent Lambert defeated Colin Mulaney

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