3rd Annual




.50 Cal BMG Rifle & Machine Gun

(other calibers welcome)



.50 cal BMG




20mm Swiss Solothurn

Sept. 14, 15 & 16, 2001
Morgan County, Colorado 
(70 miles from downtown Denver, directions below , MAP)
Hosted by  Rocky Mountain Gun Owners &
Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooting Assoc.

Times of Shoot                     Fri. 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm  (Fire conditions permitting,  i.e. tracers, incendiary)                           
Sat. 8:00 am - 10:00 pm (Fire conditions permitting,  i.e. tracers, incendiary)                          
Sun. 8:00 am - 12:00 Noon                
Gate Opens 7:00 am  Saturday and Sunday to general public

Fees:  Spectators $5.00 each (RMGO members $3 each)       Children under 12 FREE
Shooter's Entry $75.00    Pre-Registered $65.00    Camping $15.00 (no hookups, no open fires)

No alcoholic beverages allowed on the property!

Fire a .50 cal rifle and hit a reactive target!
5 shots $15     or      3 shots $10

Machine Guns for Rent  (priced separately)

Have your picture taken in a World War II Half-Track (to benefit the WW2 Memorial)


For more information, call:


Bob McBride

James McCutchan

Paul Walukewicz


From I-76 --
Exit at Hudson (30 miles from I-25) and go East on Highway 52 (though Hwy. 52 curves North to Wiggins, go straight East) for 37 miles on paved/dirt road to intersection of Road F & Road 14 (14 miles east of the Weld/Morgan county border).  Follow the .50 signs!

From I-70 --
Bennett exit go North on State Hwy. 79 for 23 miles to State Hwy. 52 at Prospect Valley; go East on Highway 52 (Hwy. 52 curves North to Wiggins, go straight East) to intersection of Road F & Road 14 (14 miles east of the Weld/Morgan county border).  Follow the .50 signs!


NOTE:  Shooters/Campers: please copy and paste the following information into a document, and print.  This form must be used for pre-registration.

Pre-Registration Form

NUMBER OF SHOOTERS______                    NAME_______________________________________________


CAMPING  YES___  NO___             _____________________________________


TOTAL REMITTED  $________     PHONE #_____________________________

# OF POSITIONS REQUIRED_____                CHECK_____       MONEY ORDER_____

TYPE OF FIREARM_________________________

Payable to: RMGO

ROCKY MOUNTAIN GUN OWNERS - Release of Liability Contract.

This event is for the purpose of education, dispersing of information, and the enjoyment of the shooters and spectators.

I,_______________________________ at my own request, voluntarily make payment of event fees and request to participate in this event sanctioned by RMGO.  I have been advised of the rules of the event and my responsibilities during the event.  I am fully aware of the risks of my shooting in this event; in that an accident could cause injury and/or death to myself or to others.  I am fully aware that I am attending a live fire-shooting event and therefore understand the risks and inherent danger of injury and/or death to others or myself.  By signing this contract, I fully agree to release RMGO and all officers, agents, and representatives of RMGO from any type of legal action or lawsuit on behalf of myself or my family in the event of injury or death to others or myself.

SIGNED___________________________ Date: ________________


_______________________________________________OFFICIAL USE ONLY____________________________________________


Event Director:______________________  Date:  9/14/01

Location:   RMGO       Date:   9/14/15/16/01

Send Registration form, Shooter’s fee and Liability Contract to:
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, 
PO Box 3114
Denver, CO  80201
Phone & Fax: 303-432-3006

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------cut here----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Range rules:
Shooters meeting:  Friday 3pm and 7:30AM each morning
All shooters must have a signed release of liability contract on file and wear ID (provided by RMGO).
Shooters must wear eye & ear protection (Duh)
Shooters with NFA firearms must show paperwork.
All weapons removed or secured from firing line at night
Open chamber markers required and provided.
We run a Cold Firing Line
No rain checks -- we shoot rain or shine 
Targets at 600, 500, 400, 300, & 200 yards
Shooters: No benches, shelter or seating available -- bring your own.
Military surplus ammo will be for sale: ball, tracer, API, & APIT
Food & drink will be available on-site
Pre-Registration discount must be post marked by August 1, 2001 (due to limited firing positions)

The media could try to paint us in the “militia” corner, so we ask “No camos, please.”

Sponsored by Colorado’s Largest Gun Rights Organization

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooting Assoc.


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