Preemption bill passes Senate, still has teeth

April 5, 1999 – A bill to overturn the gun bans of many municipalities has passed the Senate, and is headed for the Governor's desk.

House Bill 1305 stops cities from getting any tougher than state
This measure overturns the patchwork of city and county laws on firearms issues in Colorado, and says that state law takes precedence. This means that Denver's assault weapons ban, their "public nuisance" ordinance (that allows them to confiscate your property), their brandishing law, and many others will no longer have force of law.

There has been a barrage of anti-gun rhetoric about this bill, especially from Mayor Wellington Webb of Denver, Mayor Linda Morton of Lakewood and the Colorado Municipal League.

This bill, however, must still be heard by a conference committee, and get through Governor Bill Owens, who has been increasingly hostile to gun rights issues.

Gun suits prohibition bill now in House
Senate Bill 205, which prohibits municipalities from suing gun manufacturers, has made it through the State Senate, a House Committee, and will be voted upon by the full House soon. It would stop the ludicrous decisions made by some courts to hold firearms manufacturers liable for violence committed with their products. Kudos to State Rep. Lauri Clapp, the House sponsor of SB205, who RMGO worked with to get this bill moving.

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