Senate Judiciary Committee passes SB84, kills HB1316;
Worst CCW bill in Colorado history to go to full Senate soon

April 1, 1999 – As predicted, the Senate Judiciary Committee killed HB1316 and passed Senate Bill 84, the worst CCW bill to ever be considered by the Colorado Senate.

Senate Bill 84 has many anti-gun provisions, including gun owner registry

Ken Chlouber’s SB84 has numerous anti-gun provisions, including a centralized database of permit holders – and their electronically stored fingerprints -- adminstered by the CBI. Adding to the growing list of databases at the hands of government, this creates a central registry of permit holders. Instead, lawmakers could simply let each sheriff (the issuing authority in this bill) to maintain their own lists, and put their department’s phone number on each permit to verify its authenticity.

"This is the worst concealed carry bill ever offered in the Colorado legislature," said Dudley Brown, Executive Director and lobbying for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in today’s Rocky Mountain News. "It’s a ‘big brother’ concealed carry."

Under SB84, the CBI has no restriction on what it can do with fingerprints or other information in their database.

Among SB84’s problems are:

  • Creates a statewide database, administered by the CBI
  • Requires fingerprints, forever logging them within databases
  • Gives Sheriff discretion (which was broadened in committee)
  • Has criminal safezones where permits are not valid
  • Denies applicants who have been convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors
  • Expensive ($100 for 4 years)


What you can do:

Call your State Senator today at (888-473-8136) or (303-866-2316) to demand they remove these anti-gun provisions on the Senate floor.

Remember, any bill that is passed will be with us for years. If we don’t fix SB84, we have no choice but to kill it, and start again next year.

But isn’t half a loaf better than no loaf at all? That is exactly the question compromising politicians want you to be asking yourself – and is a lose-lose situation for gun owners.

If gun rights advocates and their groups would band together to remove these anti-gun provisions, we could have a bill every gunny can support.

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