Senate to revive Chlouber's SB84, kill HB1316;
SB84 has criminal safezones, other anti-gun provisions

March 30, 1999 - In a desperate attempt to pass any concealed carry bill, some Senate leaders are pulling their support for the ailing HB1316 in favor of reviving Chlouber's SB84.

Dean's HB1316 reportedly in trouble
Ken Chlouber's SB84 has been tabled in the Senate Judiciary since Feb. 1, when the committee voted Musgrave's SB156 out of committee to later die at the hands of liberal House GOP leaders.

With Rep. Doug Dean's House Bill 1316 taking fire from the press and the Governor (who is trying to find cover on the concealed carry issue), politicians have decided to abandon Dean's horse and ride another, all to try to get rid of this controversial issue and gun rights advocates.

Most insiders believe the preemption language for all gun issues and the prohibition on suing gun manufacturers has burdened HB1316 to the point that it has too many enemies. With large lobbies like the Colorado Municipal league (which wants to keep firearms decisions at a local level, protecting their power base), the trial lawyers (who do not want to add prohibitions on who can be sued), and opposition from hardcore gunnies (who don't like all the compromises of their gun rights on1316) this concealed carry bill consolidated too many enemies. Instead, they turn to an even worse bill.

Chlouber's SB84 has criminal safezones, other anti-gun language
Though it won't show on the state web site, Senate Bill 84 had criminal safezones added in the Judiciary Committee before it was tabled. This means that you could get a permit, but not be able to carry concealed in any athletic event (pro, college, or any school), in any government building, or in any school. For those already with permits, this is a huge step backward.

SB84 also has sheriff discretion, turning this so-called "shall issue" bill into a "may issue" bill. And, like HB1316, you can be denied a permit if you have been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanors, mirroring the unconstitutional federal Lautenberg Gun Ban.

Worst of all, SB84 requires fingerprints and creates a statewide database of permit holders, administered by the CBI. This gun registration ploy only serves to create large Orwellian databases of fingerprints, names, addresses, and any information possible to keep track of law-abiding citizens.

Why not just pass a bill, and try next year?

Whining from the "pass anything and keep the politicians happy" compromisers has made many marginal lawmakers run for cover, voting for anything as long as it is labeled "concealed carry" and will relieve the pressure. Their standard ploy is to suggest we pass anything, and "fix it in a couple of years." Those are the kind of promises that only the most naïve will buy.

If a bad bill is passed, gun owners are stuck with it for the foreseeable future. All it takes is one glance at the willingness of most politicians to get rid of this issue, and it is obvious that if they can pass any bill, they won't be revisiting the concealed carry issue anytime soon. Make no mistake about it: anti-gun provisions passed through these bills will not be easily changed.

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