Pro-gun candidates win in State Legislative Primaries;
NRA endorses liberal incumbents

Wednesday, August 12 -- With a mixed bag of results, conservative pro-gun candidates won in most open state legislative seats while incumbents fended off challenges by conservatives.

Statewide GOP Primary Results
Bill Owens' victory over anti-gunner Tom Norton was a win without a victory, as Owens has failed to answer specific questions about gun issues (including the GOA/RMGO Survey). The Lt. Governor's race was disappointing for gun rights activists, since winner Joe Rogers has been soft on Second Amendment issues. The bright side: Jim Congrove, who failed to defeat Rogers, is still a solid pro-gun vote in the Colorado Senate. Former Democrat Senator (and assault weapons ban supporter) Ben Campbell easily beat Bill Eggert, but still faces tough opposition in the November election.

State Senate
Gun rights gained votes in the Colorado Senate, where Marilyn Musgrave (Senate District 1) and Mark Hillman (SD 2) won primary races. Both face token opposition November.

State House
State House primaries where gun rights supporters won include Scott McKay (House District 26), Rob Fairbank (HD 30), Pam Rhodes (HD 31), Lauri Clapp (HD 37) and Joe Nunez (HD 64).

Other Races Though Mike Bliss failed to win the GOP primary for Sheriff of Jefferson County, Jim Alderden defeated Sheriff Richard Shockley in Larimer County, and has pledged to issue permits. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

NRA helps anti-gun GOP incumbents win
Gun rights supporters in El Paso and Weld Counties are livid after learning the National Rifle Association's political arm supported anti-gunners Marci Morrison (House District 22, Colo. Springs) and Tambor Williams (House District 50, Greeley).
These incumbents faced challenges from more conservative candidates who are strong supporters of our firearms rights, but failed to beat their liberal opponents.

Many activists received RMGO PAC postcards endorsing conservatives Dave Schultheis (H.D. 22) and Lea Faulkner (H.D. 50), as well as mailings detailing the incumbents poor voting records on gun issues.

But gun rights supporters got a mixed message when the NRA Political Victory Fund mailed postcards endorsing the liberal candidates. The NRA's has a policy of always supporting incumbents, even though that incumbent may have voted for anti-gun bills or amendments. The elections were close in both races, putting the pro-gun loses on the back of the NRA.

Members are urged to call the NRA/ILA's contact for Colorado (Mary Ann Bradfield) at 703-267-1216 to express their outrage for failing to support the more pro-gun candidate.

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