RMGO launched a 60 second ad in Colorado Springs to let John Morse’s constituents know exactly what he thinks of their concerns – toxic.

Back in March, when the radical anti-gun agenda was passed in the Colorado Legislature, John Morse said live on national television that him and his gun-grabbing pals in the Senate needed to get away from some of this “toxicity,” meaning the constituents who overwhelmingly told their senators to vote “NO” on the gun control bills.

Now, of course Morse is doing the bidding of gun-grabbing billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun cabal, something every gun rights activist knows.

However, his constituents may not be aware of the abandonment of his job duties – even though he said these insulting comments on national television!

This is why it’s vital we spread Morse’s incendiary remarks all over the airwaves in Colorado Springs with this ad, so the residents in his district can remind him of his duties as a senator.

Watch the ad now by clicking the image below!    







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