In case you didn’t already know, Democrat Senate President John Morse carried the water for the anti-gun lobby by sponsoring or co-sponsoring every single gun control measure forced on Coloradans this year.

The National Association for Gun Rights, RMGO’s nationally affiliated group, launched a 30 second ad in Colorado Springs to educate citizens of the dangers of gun control and expose Michael Bloomberg pulling the strings of the Colorado Senate President.

You see, Morse couldn’t push his anti-gun agenda without the backing of Billionaire playboy New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s help. Now Bloomberg and his anti-gun cabal are going to do everything in their power to protect Morse, even if it means spending millions defending him.

That’s why NAGR is running ads in Morse’s district, so his constituents know just exactly who John Morse thinks he reports to.

Watch the ad now by clicking the image below!    

Morse Strings



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