KC Becker Disappoints Gun Owners With Embrace of California Gun Control

January 11, 2019
Embrace of California-style gun control, a slap to Colorado gun owners.
Denver, CO – Incoming Democratic House Speaker KC Becker’s comments regarding firearms last week drew a heated response from Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.
“I echo the frustration and disappointment of gun owners across Colorado, now that House Speaker KC Becker is chomping at the bit to implement “red flag” Gun Confiscation. While I held out hope that the Republicans would hold the State Senate, it sadly appears that we’ll have to put up a serious challenge to these leftist NPC’s, attempting to turn Colorado into Commiefornia.
By pandering to the likes of Tom Steyer, Bloomberg and MDA, she’s turning her back on law-abiding Coloradoans and the Constitution she swore to oath uphold and protect. Becker’s statement is a slap across the face of every owner in Colorado.  I’d encourage KC Becker to ask John Morse or Angela Giron how crossing gun owners worked out in 2013.
Regardless of the current occupants at the State Capitol, RMGO’s 200,000 thousand members and supporters will continue to steadfastly oppose all gun control, Republican or Democrat.”
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