Colorado Mag Ban Repeal Bill in the Colorado State Affairs Committee

Later today, State House Democrats are expected to take their opening shots at law-abiding gun owners, by killing three pro-gun bills in committee, including the repeal of the 2013 Magazine Ban.

Experts warn, the move is an effort by House Speaker KC Becker to clear the way for the “red flag” gun confiscation bill later this year.

The hearing will be TODAY in the House State Affairs Committee at the State Capitol (Room 271) at 1:30 PM, and is open to the public.

Please contact each of the committee members at the link below and urge them to support these three pro-gun bills:

*** HB19-1049 – Repeal Gun Free School Zones by Rep. Patrick Neville (R)
*** HB19-1021 – Magazine Ban Repeal by Reps. Steve Humphrey (R) and Lori Saine (R)
*** HB19-1022 – Self Defense at Work (“Make My Day Better”) by Rep. Shane Sandridge (R)

Here are the committee members and their contact information.

Chair Christopher Kennedy (D)

Vice-Chair Sonya Jaquez Lewis (D)

Rep. Monica Duran (D)

Rep. Stephen Humphrey (R)


Rep. Susan Lontine (D)

Rep. Jovan Melton (D)

Rep. Janice Rich (R)

Rep. Emily Sirota (D)

Rep. Dave Williams (R)

Your message can be as simple as “Please vote for all three pro-gun bills in committee today, including HB19-1049, HB19-1021, and HB19-1022. RMGO will keep me informed of your votes.”

Special thanks to the bill sponsors for standing up for our Second Amendment rights.

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