Violent Crime up 25% since Hickenlooper’s Gun Control

Have you seen the news?

Former anti-gun Governor John Hickenlooper just announced his bid for US Senate.

That’s right, the same Gov. Hickenlooper who signed the  “Universal Gun Registration” bill.

And the same Gov. Hickenlooper who also banned Magazines, and implemented the gun tax.

The same Gov. Hickenlooper who followed President Barack Obama and Billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's lead for more gun control, instead of listening to Colorado patriots like you. 

And {{First_name}}, I am afraid it could be much worse if he takes his anti-gun agenda to the United States Senate.

After all, during his failed Presidential bid Hickenlooper announced he supports:

*** a national “Universal Gun Registry”,
*** Chicago-Style Firearms Owner ID (FOID) cards,
*** raising the minimum age to own a gun to 21,
*** deadly “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation,
*** a nation-wide magazine ban, and
*** a full on “Assault Weapons Ban.”

I know I don’t speak for myself when I say we cannot let these totalitarian policies become a nationwide reality.

Just look at how his polices as Governor effected our state.

Take the so-called "Universal Background Check" law for example.

This law effectively BANS all firearm transactions that are not pre-approved by the federal government, and logged in the Brady-NICS gun registry.

Worse, you become a felon just for letting a friend borrow your rifle to go on a hunting trip, if you don’t first get a background check on the transfer of the rifle!

Or, look at his ban on the sale of standard capacity magazines. Here he displaced hundreds for Coloradan’s who either lost their jobs or were forced to move when Magpul left the state!

Hickenlooper’s policies are turning law abiding citizens into criminals overnight and are derailing Colorado’s economy.

Not to mention the extra “gun tax” each of us now pay because of the former governors agenda.

All these polices have done ABSOULTELY NOTHING to stop deranged mad men from carrying out their heinous attacks.

In fact, these polices have only hurt us law abiding citizens!

According to the Denver Post, violent crime in Colorado went up a stunning 25 percent since Hickenlooper’s gun control took effect in 2013. (

That’s why I hope you will join me in opposing John Hickenlooper’s anti-gun agenda today!

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

P.S. Former anti-gun Governor John Hickenlooper just announced his bid for US Senate.

His policies as Governor were not only detrimental to our freedoms but it was also a huge hit to our state’s economy and to the safety of all Coloradans..

Join the fight to stop all anti-gun agendas from school district to the White House. Pitch in $20 today.

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