Dept. of Interior allows some firearms in National Parks; H-S Precision ignores gun owners' concerns

Activists called to put more heat on H-S Precision

The Department of Interior has issued new rules to partially over turn the National Park gun ban

Today the Department of Interior issued their long-awaited new rules regarding the carrying of firearms in National Parks.

The new rules:

...would allow an individual to carry a concealed weapon in national parks and wildlife refuges if, and only if, the individual is authorized to carry a concealed weapon under state law in the state in which the national park or refuge is located.

While these rules are certainly a step in the right they are a far cry from truly embracing our Second Amendment rights.

And they bring up an important question for Colorado citizens: can a citizen carry a concealed handgun in their car, without a permit (which is legal in Colorado and authorized by state law), in a National Park?  We believe so, but we will seek a firm, written answer (which we will post on our website) from the Department of the Interior.

In the meantime we'll count it a small victory, and thank all of those who worked on this issue for so many years (RMGO members included).

Sadly, the fact remains that virtually no one can carry a gun at Minuteman Park in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.  The very National Park that celebrates the armed uprising of our founding fathers, who were fighting against the British attempts to confiscate their firearms, remains closed to concealed carry.

We can -- and should -- celebrate this small tactical victory, but keep our long term goal of concealed carry in all National Parks in mind.

Read the full Department of Interior's full regulations and press release here.

H-S Precision to gun owners: we don't need your business

Demonstrating the marketing skills of a pipe wrench, the geniuses at HS Precision, who marketed their rifles with a testimonial from an FBI sniper who shot and killed an unarmed woman, (whom he claimed he was not even aiming at) have released the following "statement."

To Our Valued Customers:
H-S Precision has received comments relating to individual testimonials in our 2008 catalog. All of the testimonials focused on the quality, accuracy and customer service provided by H-S Precision.
The management of H-S Precision did not intend to offend anyone or create any type of controversy. We are revising our 2009 catalog and removing all product testimonials.
The Management of H-S Precision

In spite of almost universal outrage and astonishment by gun owners, (meaning their customers) HS has decided that this anemic response will be enough to put their despicable behavior behind them.

HS Precision thought it was a grand idea to promote their rifles using the services of a man famous for one thing, killing someone he claimed he never intended to shoot.

Now they expect the people who were horrified by this position to accept an explanation that doesn't even reach the level of "lame."

If they build their rifles this way, we strongly suggest you shop elsewhere.

(605) 341-3006 TEL
(605) 342-8964 FAX
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read more about the FBI's cover-up of Vicki Weaver's murder by Lon Horiuchi, here.

H-S Precision uses Fed Ruby Ridge shooter for marketing

Custom gun shop H-S Precision uses Horiuchi to sell guns to the FBI

South Dakota custom gun shop H-S Precision is using Lon Horiuchi as FBI Program Manager to sell their tactical rifles to the FBI and other federal agencies.

You can see Horiuchi used in an H-S Precision ad campaign:

Horiuchi was the FBI Hostage Rescue Team's sniper at Ruby Ridge, where he murdered Randy Weaver's wife Vicki as she held their young daughter. An Idaho District Attorney filed manslaughter charges against Horiuchi for his involvement in the botched raid on the Weaver household, but he was predictably found not guilty.

Horouchi was also involved in the disastrous raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. Three of the twelve 7.62x51mm sniper rounds fired at the Branch Davidian building were found at Horiuchi's position, though the Justice department has attempted to hide his involvement in the shooting.

A firearms manufacturer using a murderer like Horiuchi is rather like Adolph Eichmann endorsing a pesticide company.

Are you outraged by this?

I know I am, but there is something you can do. Join the boycott of H-S Precision by telling them you won't buy gun from a company that hires a murderer.

Tell them to dump Horiuchi or gun owners will dump them.

You can contact H-S Precision by phone, fax, e-mail or snail-mail at:

(605) 341-3006 TEL
(605) 342-8964 FAX
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read more about the FBI's cover-up of Vicki Weaver's murder by Lon Horiuchi, here.

Gun owners in peril

The 2008 elections are behind us and gun owners find themselves in greater danger than ever before.

With no major party, pro-gun candidate on the ticket, gun owners were faced with supporting underfunded, third party candidates, or marking their ballots for a candidate that had announced an opposition to gun rights.

So now it is clear, we face the most anti-gun president in American history. With the gains made by anti-gunners in Congress and the Colorado legislature, there is no question that gun owners are facing battles unlike any we have seen before.

The freedom haters toned down their rhetoric for the campaign after learning that gun owners were a potent force and "gun control" lost elections, but there can be no doubt that their goals are unchanged.

While the recent Supreme Court decision has slowed their efforts to ban everything, the court left enough room for almost any restriction to be created and upheld.

So, now our job is clear.  We simply must be prepared for anything, both in Denver and Washington D.C.

The Brady Campaign is already crowing that "The election of Barack Obama as President and Joe Biden as Vice President was a decisive victory for common sense gun laws."

We know what that means.  Bans on modern firearms, government permission slips to own handguns, new restrictions on where you can be in possession of self defense tools and a continuing explosion of delays and denials for firearm purchases.

We have to be prepared to fight. Every day, all the time.

We have been fighting anti-gun legislation in Colorado for over 14 years, even after the anti-gun militants took over. We can keep fighting back the anti-gunners if we stay active and informed. Please be sure to share our e-mails with your freedom loving friends. And please encourage them to join us.

As we head into a new legislative session it is essential that we have the resources to continue to be the only no-compromise voice for gun owners in Colorado. That means, of course, that we will need your help.

If you are already a supporter of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, thank you. If you are not yet, please keep in mind that we are far stronger with you on our side than if you are on the sidelines.

You can contribute to RMGO here: and you can rest assured there has never been a time when we needed your help more than now.

We are heading into a legislative session where virtually all our rights are at risk. We need your support more than ever. The coming battles will be unlike any we have seen before. Please consider anything you can do to promote the cause of freedom.

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