You know what they say about absolute power corrupting absolutely…

One of the reasons I am so opposed to the government being involved in your Second Amendment rights is that it takes the power away from you and puts it in their hands.

In the hands of people like the former Republican Sheriff of Arapahoe County, Patrick Sullivan.

Sullivan made a habit of helping out groups like the Brady Campaign when it came to preventing law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

He even testified before Congress for Handgun Control in favor of the Brady bill, and in the State Capitol against any concealed carry reform.

During his 18-year tenure as Arapahoe County Sheriff, Sullivan was a poster boy for big government and was bestowed the title of national “Sheriff of the Year” in 2001 for his efforts at infringing your rights – even at a national level.



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July 27, 2011

I cannot tell you how I often I hear about a new government scheme to close off public lands previously open to gun owners.

This time it hits close to home.

Recently, the U.S. Forest Service called for an emergency closure of 132 acres of forest land on the Boulder Ranger District of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, most of which was previously open to gun owners and shooters.

An "environmental assessment" is being conducted, and a number of alternatives are being considered for the land.

Make it known to the U.S. Forest Service that you are opposed to closing public lands for recreational use and hunting.

I have prepared a suggested sample comment for you to leave with the U.S. Forest Service:

As a hunter, shooter and gun rights activist, I am concerned with the U.S. Forest Service's emergency closure of 132 acres of forest land on the Boulder Ranger District of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests. Recreational shooters and hunters have seen acre after acre of public lands disappear in recent years not only here in Colorado but also all over the country. I would like to make it clear to the U.S. Forest Service that I am 100% opposed to this closure.


Click this link to send your message to the U.S. Forest Service

As more and more of our lands are closed by the federal government, shooters and gun owners are experiencing an unprecedented shrinking of available lands for recreational use and hunting.

Make sure you get in on this fight. Don't let them take this one, too.


Dudley Brown
Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners


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