merchantcardWelcome to Rocky Mountain Gun Owner's Merchant Awareness Program, where we do our part to make Colorado safer by educating businesses about the dangers of creating a "Criminal Safezone" in their establishment.  Put bluntly, we believe Colorado is a safer place with free, law-abiding citizens carrying firearms.  Concealed or open carry, it makes a criminal think twice.

The Merchant Awareness Program is our way of knowing who doesn't want us to carry in their establishments, and respecting those wishes, while giving them facts so that they might make a more informed decision about self-protection.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners' Merchant Awareness Program serves two important functions:

  1. It is an evolving database of posted merchants that serves notice to permit holders where not to break the law by carrying concealed handguns... it's a list of merchants who don't want law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons on their premises.

  2. It serves notice to posted merchants that permit holders, as principled individuals, will not do business where their right to lawful, armed self-defense from violent criminal attack is denied.

When RMGO receives information that a merchant or business dependent on public goodwill is posted, our organization sends a formal letter of protest to that businesses' owner of record or corporate CEO or president. The letter politely informs the merchant or business that:

  1. Permit holders have undergone scrutiny by both state and federal law enforcement agencies.

  2. Merchants who post against concealed carry invite criminal mayhem from individuals looking for easy targets of opportunity.

  3. Merchants who post against concealed carry have implied assumed responsibility for the safety of their patrons and may face financial redress in the event of a criminal act, which results in injury/death of a patron.

  4. Gun owners are consumers who represent a valuable commodity.

The name and address of the posted merchant or business is then added to a computer database which you see on this web site and in your newsletter (if you are an RMGO member, that is).  If the merchant or business removes their posting signs, the name of that merchant or business is removed from the list of banning businesses.  Merchants who do not remove their signs receive a follow-up letter and may also receive 'extra attention' in the form of postcard mailings or, if necessary, negative publicity events (picketing). Merchants who are caught cheating also receive extra attention from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

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