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As was mentioned earlier, your primary responsibility when making merchant contacts is to gather information.


The most important piece of information RMGO needs is the name of owner of record or corporate CEO or president because they are the ones who have decision-making abilities.  It should be your primary goal to get this name above all else.

You can do a search for a business owner by clicking here.

To really change a business' practice it's best to deal with the person at the top.  It eliminates the temptation by a lower-level employee to "pass the buck", and a communication to a merchant with the owner's name on the letter of contact sends a much stronger message than a letter addressed to "Dear Business Owner".  Admit it, did you ever really pay that much attention to a letter you've received addressed to "Occupant"?  The business' name is obvious, and getting the address is as simple as opening a telephone book.  It's the owner's name we need.  That way, if things go south, as they sometimes do, RMGO has all the information necessary to forward an official communication.  Case in point: a permit holder in South Carolina approached a retailer and immediately launched into the posting issue. The retailer took offense (it happens, they'll get over it) and told the permit holder to leave the store.  When the permit holder asked the retailer for his name, the retailer refused to provide it.  Had the permit holder gotten the owner's name first it would have made things easier in regard to sending a letter to the individual in question.

Despite the fact that we're the good guys, many people regard the concealed carry issue as extremely controversial.  Don't be surprised if a retailer immediately "tightens up" if the subject is brought forward.  It's a natural response and it's not worth getting confrontational over. It's also for this reason that one need not even bring up the subject to a store's rank-and-file employees when obtaining information; many of these folks have little concept of firearms, self defense, or carrying concealed.  Resist the urge to deliver a lecture to the pimply kid at your local Shop-and-Rob... he has no decision-making authority.

For whatever reason, if you cannot get the name of the owner of record or company CEO there are alternative methods of obtaining it:

  • Secretary of State records
  • Owners business cards (usually in plain sight... get one or two)
  • Local chambers of commerce
  • City Hall/county records (many cities and counties require business permits; the records are available to the public)
  • Social and professional contacts
  • Inquiries from a posted merchant's adjoining business neighbors
  • The post office
  • Telephone books/yellow pages (just call and ask)
  • Inquiries to a posted merchant's supplying vendors

A merchant who refuses to provide you with his or her name in the belief that withholding such information will prevent their business from being listed on RMGO's database is doing so blindly.  Merchants cannot operate in the public eye under total immunity from public record or scrutiny.

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