There are as many ways to conduct a merchant visit as there are permit holders to conduct them, so a hard-and-fast formula cannot be provided you.  You will simply have to do what works best for you.  Some people simply hand the merchant a copy of the newsletter and make a follow up visit at a later date.  Others make more formal presentations. Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts for your consideration:


  1. Conduct yourself as a professional. Dress appropriately - you don't need to wear a suit and tie. but hunting attire/BDUs/cammies, dirty clothing, clothing in disrepair, or T-shirts with slogans which could be construed as controversial should be avoided.  Present yourself as an ordinary guy or gal.  Brush your teeth.  Don't wear sunglasses (they make you appear cold and secretive).
  2. Determine if the merchant or business is an individually owned proprietorship, a locally owned franchise, or part of a larger chain of stores.
  3. Recognize if and when you get "the run-around".  "We are required to post by law", "Our insurance company made us do this", and "It's corporate policy" are common brush-off phrases we've heard.  Learn to anticipate and deal with such claims appropriately.  Oftentimes a chain store has been posted per store manager's discretion.
  4. Remind the merchant that their present postings bear no legal or practical notice on criminals.  Remind the merchant that they are discriminating against customers with proven clean records.
  5. Ask the specific reason why the merchant is posting.
  6. Recognize that educating merchants about concealed carry and reluctance to patronize posted businesses is not "harassment".


  • Make threats or get confrontational with a merchant.  You're only likely to get yourself into trouble with law enforcement.
  • Remove any postings without express permission.

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