It is our firm belief that posting issues should be handled by local permit holders working in their own communities to solve posting issues.

If a merchant is unreceptive to a contact you may wish to engage in further contacts by having other permit holders in your area contact the merchant, the idea being if a merchant hears a steady stream of complaints from former customers they'll unpost ("When they feel the heat, they'll see the light").  Contact other permit holders in your area.  Conduct a 'phone blitz' or 'postcard blitz' informing the merchant that you will return your business when your safety concerns are met to your satisfaction (RMGO can supply you with supply the signatures and stamps).

And finally, learn to recognize when a merchant or business simply wants no part of concealed carry/firearms issues. They will continue to be listed on our database as long as they are posted.  If a posted merchant in your area is the scene of a violent crime notify RMGO immediately.

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