Firearms FAQs

General Questions

Are Colorado residents required to register their firearms?

What is required when I bring firearms from another state?

Does Colorado Have Safe Storage or “Lock Up Your Safety” Laws?

Is it legal for a private citizen to sell a firearm to another private citizen in Colorado?

Is it legal for a private citizen to sell ammunition to another private citizen?

Does Colorado require "handgun registration"?

Convicted Felons and Firearm Ownership

Carrying in a Vehicle

Can I carry concealed in my home or business or vehicle without a permit (even in Denver)?

 Can I carry a concealed handgun on my person anywhere I want, without a permit in Colorado?

Where can I NOT carry my handgun with a valid Colorado concealed carry permit?

Who issues concealed carry of a handgun permits?

Can a sheriff issue a permit to me, even if I don’t live in the area they cover?

Open Carry

Can I Open Carry in Colorado?

Brady Registration Checks

What are the reasons for denial of a CBI background check?

Assault Weapons

Can I legally possess a semi-automatic, so-called "Assault Weapon" in Colorado?

Possession & Purchase of Firearms

What are the Federal & State Age restrictions for firearms purchase and/or possession?

Can I buy firearms through the mail?

Alcohol, Bars, and Marijuana & Firearms Prohibitions

Is it legal to be intoxicated while possessing a firearm?

Criminal Trespass

If I carry in a private business that bans firearms or bans concealed carry of handguns, am I guilty of criminal trespass?

Colorado Law concerning the Use of Deadly Force

Does Colorado have a "Make My Day" law?

NFA Weapons (Machine-guns, Suppressors, etc.)

Can I legally possess a machine gun in Colorado?

Shooting Laws / Regulations

Can I shoot a firearm in a National Forest?

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